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Posted by ( on May 24, 2003 at 07:24:39:

Dear Gurdas ji,
Hare Krishna!
My name is Rekha Anand. I am 24 years of age .In November 2002 I got the opportunity to see you Performing live in Pragati maidan. Before this show I never listen any of your songs but after listening you I realized my mistake. The very next day I bought one audiocassette title “Sad songs of gurdas maan". When I listen all the songs I felt very happy because all of them were very nice and beautifully written. After this, one by one I bought your cassettes and listen them all. Your songs made me your fan. In my life up to age 23, I only listen two or three lines of the Song "Dil da mamla hai" but now there are so many songs, which I like most. In fact when I heard "Challa" I started crying, as it is very soul touching. The second favorite is "Parande"as it is very rhythmic, peed tere jaan di, Manu yaar mere jaapde khuda varge, Sanu te aisa mahi, Thoda thoda
Hasna, Mera dil kyon katda jaye, Sajna ve Sajna, Apna Punjab hove, Pind diya galiyadi, Mera des mere dildara da, Rang de ve rang de chuni, Veezey, Duniya, Bekadre lokan vich, Inj nai karinde, sada dil mor de, Raton ko, Duma Dum, Tickta do, khar de na mukne kam oye, The lovely prayer Gur ka darsan dekh dekh jivan and so on. Now you can guess how much I like your Music. I also wrote one –one more paragraphs of the two songs.
Now I come to the point, Gurdas ji I also sing. Not like you but in my own way. I have done a couple of stage performances. But after that no opportunity came .I got training in classical music but that is also not satisfactory. As there is not any opportunity. I gave my voice to a couple of serials but I want to perform on Stage. I also got nervous sometimes but I am trying to control it. After listening you I wrote some songs in Punjabi. I wish I could make a good album out of it but how? I do not know anybody in this field. The second thing I don't have much money to fulfill this dream Can you just guide me what should do to? Can a new comer is eligible to make a good Album? If you were on my place what would you do? Gurdas ji I am a firm beliver in god and he has given me lovely Parents. They gave me everything and always encourage me to do good things. But I never gave them anything because I am physically Handicapped .I just want to serve them good respect and comfort as their life I very uncomfortable with me. They never showed it but I am not a kid. I just need your guidance that where should I go if I want to make Music my professions. (I know “Bin mange moti mile mange mile na bheek”) i do not want any financial help. That all depends on my work and destiny. I have written a beautiful song for my dearest Punjab .I wish I would sing in front of you. Gurdas ji I have heard that your in laws live in Delhi (subhash nagar). This place is very near to my home. If you are coming to Delhi Please inform me I would be ready with my lyrics. THANKS.
Rekha Anand
[email protected]

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