Re: GURNAM JI,U RULE .. but what does this mean tho?

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Posted by Gurnam ( on May 15, 2003 at 22:30:53:

In Reply to: GURNAM JI,U RULE .. but what does this mean tho? posted by RS Sekhon on May 15, 2003 at 07:18:12:

Actually - Gurdas Maan rules - not Gurnam but thanks for the compliment.
Anyway, down to the translation. If you need any further info about Shiv Kumar and Noorpuri see the posts from Terry King and Dheeraj below (in reply to my post of the lyrics)

: "Punjabiye zubanne, ni rakanne mere des diye.
: Punjabiye zubanne, ni rakanne mere des diye,
: phikki paigi chehre di nuhaar ni.
: midiyan khilaari phiren, ni Bulle (Bulle Shah) diye kaafiye,
: keene tera lah leya shangaar ni.
: Punjabiye zubanne, ni rakanne mere des diye."

Punjabi zubaan is obviously the language.
Rakaane mere des diye - rakaan means woman - in particular a woman in her prime or a woman who stands out.
Midiyan khilaari phiren - midiyan is platted hair.
Bulle diye kaafiye - Kifiyan is a type of poetic writing/song - Bulle refers to Bulle Shah
Keene tera laah leya shangaar - shangaar is makeup

So the entire para translates as...(hmm not so easy to translate but here goes anyway)

He is refering to the Punjabi language as a woman who is now carefree (midiyan khilaari phiren) - e.g. through loss of respect - but was at one time respected (Bulle diye kaafiye) and asking her who it that has taken her respect away (keene tera lah leya shangaar)

Next para

Waris - refers to Waaris Shah - most famous for writing Heer as well as other pieces of poetry
Bulle Shah - another writer of Punjabi poetry (18th century I think)
Hussain - refers to Shah Hussain
Hasham - see Terry's post
Kaadar yaaran - see Terry's post.
The above were all great poets in Punjab's history and have attributed a great deal to the Punjabi culture and language..

Ghar ghar wich tainu adab bakshya shaihran te funkaaran - you (the punjabi language) were given respect and status by various artists/poets throughout the land (ghar ghar)

Sun santaali (47) wich hoya adrang tainu - in 1947 you suffered a heart attack (obvously refering to the partition - the split between India and Pakistan when we ended up with an Indian and Pakistani Punjab

pher na toon hoi pubban bhaar ni - pubb is tip toes - e.g. since then (47) you have not been able to stand on your tip toes - e.g. you never recovered from the shock/attack

Hopefully that makes sense but it is a bit difficult to translate something like this - espcially in writing

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