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Posted by Gurnam Singh ( on May 01, 2003 at 00:25:57:

In Reply to: Re: Translated Lyrics? posted by Terry King on April 30, 2003 at 00:51:18:

Terry yaar,
We are all entitled to our opinions and entitled to 'open cans of worms' as we see fit - as long the worms do nto run riot

Having looked at the translated lyrics in Punjeeri, I am in two minds. My daughter was able to read the lyrics and understand what GM was singing about - HOWEVER (there is always a however) when she translated 'sasti lailo darzan kele faliyan di (from pind diyan galiyan) to 'get your cheap bananas' it struck me that the true meaning of the song has been lost. 'Get your cheap bananas' sounds like something you would find in a song written for people who are uninterested in the message behind the song they just want words. On the other hand, even with the English translation, if one were to compare this to real life (e.g. market stalls) then one does understand that GM is attempting to portray a way of life in Indian villages. It's only when the people used to listening to meaningless lyrics read the lyrics and take them literally rather than understanding or attempting to understand the true meaning does the translation, turn out to be gibberish.


It's getting confusing for me too but I hope I've managed to get my meaning across. Basically it's this; translate the lyrics in to English if you wish but the true meaning behind the words is likely to be lost unless one thinks as an Indian and has a point of reference which they can use to relate the meaning behind the lyrics to OR at least look for something more than the literal meaning.

HMM!!! Me confused too!

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