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Posted by Terry King ( on March 26, 2003 at 23:54:19:

In Reply to: Panjiri is one of the symbols of Punjabiyat! posted by Ravinder Bhatt on March 26, 2003 at 19:10:12:

Dear Mr Bhatt,

I have been reading your comments over the last week or so with great interest.

Admittedly, there are various opinions held by individuals concerning Gurdas Maan and his music.

This is indeed a healthy state of affairs. There are those of us that you have termed "so called Maan fans". At the other end of the spectrum there are individuals who have nothing better to do than to challenge Gurdas Maan and his talents.

It is not up to Gurdas Maan fans to defend him. The reason I say that is because in music people will have varying degrees of taste. For example, some people love Qawalis, others love Bhajans etc.

Does that mean that those people that like Qawalis have to defend them. No it doesn't. It just means that they get pleasure out of Qawalis, whilst others get pleasure from a different type of devotional music.

The same can be said about Gurdas Maan and his music. We "so called Maan fans" get pleasure from listening to Maan's music and songs. Others may not get the same level of "sakoon".

Also, it would appear that the discussion board usually tends to get "hi-jacked" when healthy debates are taking place. The result of which usually leads to some thoughtless individuals posting vulgar and obscene comments, thereby deviating the discussions from Gurdas Maan related stuff to religion/caste/ethnicity issues etc.

On the broader issue of whether Maan Sahib is better than other current Punjabi singers who have been mentioned in recent messages, all I will say is that currently no-one comes close to Gurdas Maan.

I have had the pleasure of listening to most of today's Punjabi singers live on stage. Some of these singers may have a better voice than Gurdas Maan, others may have better dance moves etc etc (this is all debatable), however, as an all-round artist (singer, dancer, writer etc) there is no one out there who even comes close to Gurdas Maan.

For example, when was the last time someone like HansRajHans/Bindrakhia/Harbhajan wrote a great song???

Gurdas Maan has been writing great songs for over twenty years, and you have mentioned some of them in your message.

To me these are not mere songs, they are GM's legacy. Break the lyrics down and you will get true feelings. Feelings that are timeless.

Other singers do bring good songs out, but do people really look forward to listening to their songs twenty years after they were recorded. Probably not is the answer.

Most of us "so called Maan fans" are looking forward to him performing some of the songs that you have mentioned, during his UK tour next month. Sajna v Sajna was penned over 20years ago, yet it is still loved by the audience today.

What were HansRaj and others recording twenty years ago...certainly nothing that immediately springs to mind.

As far as the issue of Gurdas Maan recording old songs is concerned, I think you have already answered that point yourself. A lot of these songs are traditional Punjabi songs that have been sung over the years, passed down generations and recorded by most folk singers from Alam Lohar to Asa Singh Mastana.

It is only fair that Gurdas Maan should record these songs so that his fans can enjoy listening to these songs in his voice.

No doubt, other singers will record these songs in the future, thereby keeping the "Punjabi Lok Virsa" alive and well.

So my point really is that whether one likes Gurdas Maan or not, one still has to acknowledge that he is the best. His work stands head and shoulders above that of other Punjabi singers of today. He has remained at the top for over 20 years now, whilst other "one-hit wonders" have come and gone.

Hence, I say that "so called Maan fans" don't need to defend him, because his longevity is tes
tament to his talents.

PS: I went to Anand Pan Centre and bought some tickets for the Wembley Arena Concert, so tickets are now on sale.

Rab Rakha
Terry King

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