To Jagandeep, Parminder and Sukhi: Please read!

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Posted by Ravinder Bhatt ( on March 22, 2003 at 11:18:14:

Dear friends,
You all have not manage to say a single thing that is congrous with the ongoing antagonism. I would request you to read my post up titled (i revere your concordant post up) with same due diligence as you have read the ones against me. Although there is one thing you all have managed to get across to me (that too with a team effort) that you get shit from butts (I learnt that in 2nd standard, however thank you for edifying me on that subject). Having said that i would like to submit two points: firtsly To Mr Jagandeep, you mentioned in your post up that everybody has different view points and thoughts, and that they should be respected. My friend that notion has been the basis for my submission (in all my post ups)which i dont think you seem to have construed very well. If you did, you would have not even bothered to post a message, or atleast would have made an effort to twist the argument a little bit. Furthermore, I have not in any post up submitted or even hinted that Mr Maan is God. So that does not serve as a basis for any argument against me. You also very inaptly (if trying to infuse anything my mind) mention in your message that there are other great punjabi singers too. When have i denied that, instead i have other favorites too (Nusrat fateh, Manak, Saddique, Alam Lohar etc).As for you, Parminder(you claim that you can control my shit, is that a threat? i wonder) and sukhi asking me not to shit on others views, i would just like to say this. If having a felicitious discussion with someone about something is shiting on their views then, i think people should stop sending children to school, the true notion of parliament must be disolved, the discussion board must be renamed 'the shitting board', all the seminars in universities must be cancelled, all the newspapers and journalists must not print anything. So you see my friends, discussion and exchange of views is the essence of intelectual development. So lets not antagonise each other but rather exchange views and back them up with valid points, and live happily ever after.
Thank you and please respond with a cool calm mind(thats actually when we think effeciently).
Ravinder Bhatt

Ravinder Bhatt.

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