you have not understood the premise of my argument!

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Posted by Ravinder bhatt ( on March 15, 2003 at 15:21:44:

In Reply to: helo felows posted by amarjit datarpuri on March 15, 2003 at 13:36:50:

Aziz Amarjit,
I just want to ask you one question. Are you a singer who has been through porper training of ragaas, saa re Ga ma etc but hasnt got his due in life? Your thoughts are well respected my dear, but you seem to have taken the use of word passion in a very wrong sense here. You ought to first learn to construe my thoughts effeciently and only then can we have a thorugh and a mature discussion. However just before i go, i shall ask the true human being in you a question, give us an honest answer. What would you rather be, a man who has no talent but proper training of raagas, musical notes, musically disciplined or someone who has some talent (in singing) and spends more time sharing it with the world making them happy rather than sitting in some remote corner of the world and spending the rest of his life learning to say sa re ga ma perfectly. Just as Martyr's of our world had no knowledge of ragaas to spread their patriotic views with, similarly Mr Gurdas Maan who to some is spreading the word of love and respect is beyong Raagas. I do love Raags myself dear friend, very much, i have knowledge of them myselves, but lets leave the art of Ragas to the likes of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Atah u Khan, Ravi shankar and the rest of them. Lets spare the Great Gurdas Maan, whose main talent is not perfect singing, but true passionate singing. What you seem to come across to me as, is a person who is blinded by the man made border between the so called east punjab and west punjab. Its not us agianst you or you against us. Or our singers against yours for that matter. Lets not constrain ourselves to the norm of perfect singing with the use of raagas, but rather learn to accept the true passionate form of singing. I would also like to point out to you that Nusrat Fateh ali khan Sahab and Gurdas Sahab are my favorites. However for different reasons. Nusratji with all his perfect singing and sufiana style is very appealing to the spiritual man in me, however Gurdas ji on the other hand with his unique style of writing appeals to the human who is shattered by the worldly affairs of day to day life. He is the ancedote to my worldy pains. it does not matter in what way he sings them, because i am not listenong to him with my ears but with my soul and heart. So my friend from across the border, you are brother to me and to all those who once belonged to this soil of the old punjab. what is amritsar to you is Lahore to me my friend. Take care... And if you are learning raagas, keep up the good work, it shall definately pay some day.
'khuda hafis'

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