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Posted by Terry King ( on July 22, 2002 at 06:10:12:

In Reply to: WE AXPECT MUCH MORE FROM HIM posted by P A B L O on July 22, 2002 at 04:38:25:

Hi Pablo,

Please can you define what you mean by " on time". I presume you mean that he should release album after album like some other singers do. I am sure you are only too aware that some of these "on time" albums are nothing other than a total load of rubbish.

GM may not give us QUANTITY in the number of albums that he records...but he certainly does give us QUALITY.

Question is what is more important...Quantity or Quality? I am definitley from the Quality School of Thought, and I guess most GM fans are the same.

Why should GM quit just because he takes longer to produce an album than others. Maybe he has far too many other commitments, like concerts etc. Don't forget that at shows/concerts he is entertaining his fans. Would you be happy if he churned out albums but never did live show for his fans? I guess not.

Finally, you say GM should give someone else a chance to become the King. Well, my dear sir, it is a free world and if there was anyone out there capable of taking GM's crown, then we would surely have heard about it by now.

Fact is that it is not GM who is stopping others from taking his title, particularly as the rest of the "competition" is just not in GM's league. Ultimately, it is the audience that is keeping GM at the top, where he rightfully belongs.

Pablo, I would hope that you as die-hard GM fan would have realised that GM is no ordinary singer. He possesses something unique. A certain undescribable quality which others don't.

There are a lot of excellent singers out there, just as there are a lot of excellent songwriters out there and there are also a lot of talented performers out there...yet it is still GM who stands out...Why...because the Cream always rises to the top....QED.

Rab Rakha

Terry King

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