Mari Soch

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Posted by ( on January 07, 2002 at 05:56:07:

Name: Chattara Singh's Friend
Subject: Mari Soch
Body of Message:

Dear Chattara Singh Ji,

Allthough I do not want to come to your level of accusations but I still feel a strong urge to reply to your nonsense comments about Punjab Youth Club. No doubt the club was fromed by newly arrived immigrants from India but to call them uneducated because they are not fluent in cantonese or English is the extreme level of stupidity. I would ask you a question how many memebers of your so called elite clubs like Bullets, KNS, Navbharat can read and write Punjabi our mother language. The answer will tell you who is uneducated. Knowing English and/or cantonese does not necessarily mean you are intelligent enough to be called educated and cultured. There are hundreds of idiots (in punjabi community) of this category in hong kong.

Moreover Durga Rangeela should also be seen as an artist whose artistic talents were beyond grasp of people like you. By the way what is your name is it Chattara as in big umbrella or chattera as in Chittar (battered shoes).

A suggestion, try to unite the community we still feel we can learn a lot from you guys I mean hong kong bnorn punjabis but so can you. Understanding has to be mutual.

Sarbat da bhalla

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