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Posted by ( on December 16, 2001 at 02:43:24:

Ok, here is the quiz, hope it isn’t too hard, enjoy….
(Apologies for any spelling mistakes, I wrote this very quickly)

1) Which village was Gurdas Maan born in?
2) Where was Gurdas Maan formally educated?
3) In a stage play, Gurdas Maan sang a song which he wrote himself, The play was seen play a producer of a Jullander TV station, who than approached him for a TV recording of his song, which Gurdas reluctantly agreed to. Which song was this?
4) To the nearest hundred, how many songs do you think Gurdas Maan has written himself?
5) Apart from Punjabi, how many other languages can Gurdas Maan speak fluently?
6) Which Gurdas Maan song received awards for The Best Song , Album & Best International Artist of the Asian Pop and Media Awards held in Birmingham in 1998.
7) When Gurdas Maan joined the N.I.S which subject did he gain a Masters Degree in?
8) What Martial art is Gurdas Maan a black belt in?
9) On average, how many albums has Gurdas Maan produced?

Good Luck everybody, hope this has livened things up a bit. Erm.. when should I give out the right answers? Or announce the person who got them all right?
Take Care
Preet (Gurdas Maan’s BIGGEST fan)

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