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Posted by ( on December 14, 2001 at 07:00:51:

In Reply to: TV Ute Veki Ja .... posted by Banto on December 06, 2001 at 14:06:36:

Hey banto &pammi
are u enjoying the Gurdas mann or writing a essay about him. It becomes quite boring. Be short
Hi Pammi
: I agree with you that he doesn't need half clad women to sell his music - he's losing that rich culture and tradition he is famous for. But on the other hand if he doesn't move with the times he will be left way behind. Lets face it - the majority of gals n boys these days do not even care about the meaning of the song - all they want is a catchy beat to dance and move to - basically its sad to say but they only have legs no brains ! - and its these people who make up 90% of the music market. Whether we like it or not its a fact that everything is westernised and half dressed women "sell" music - sad to say - thats what the pyare bapuji song is all about - Gurdas Maan is conveying exactly that message - that women and nudity sell music. Many people have misunderstood that song because of its lyrics - its real tongue in cheek but basically thats the message he's giving - don't lose your morals over music - "pop di haneri di diwane dosto - lut kiti laen na begane dosto - jo karai balle balle kiti ana jave tale.. (daler)
: loka piche lag ke na chuko vadiya - tv ute veki ja blouse chadian.."
: And he's conveyed the message in a dance song so that at least the gals n boys dancing will listen to some of the lyrics - but most have not got the message because of the blouse chadian lyrics and they got completely the wrong meaning. Compared to the other artists in his area like hans raj he is still more traditional and has not not even half as many videos with half dressed females. And he's the ONLY punjabi artist who SINGS LIVE (no lip sync) with NO FEMALES
: hans raj, daler mehndi, sardool , all the rest cannot do 1 single show without the help of a female - and Gurdas Maan sings live for 3 hrs all by himself and still pulls more crowds than the others put together lets face it
: His songs are mainly traditional and make u so PROUD to be punjabi - even in 2001 when he sang sajna ve sajna live then EVERYONE was singin along and even grown men had misty eyes
: I agree he has changed but he has to move with the times to get the newer generations and sell - but his music still holds deep meaning and the rich culture of Punjab - unlike ome singers like daler mendi - ta ra ra ra ta ra ra chui mui chui mui - what the hell does that mean ? and even with lyrcis like chui mui he needs 50 half naked women hanging on to him ! No wonder he's died in the music industry ! - only to be replaced by his brother mika who needs not 50 but 100 half naked women to hang from ! and his songs are rock bottom - billo yaar di ! very meaningful
: like I said only for people with legs and no brains - which sad to say is most of the music buying public !
: Anyway good discussion u started Pammi and nice to hear others views also
: Banto

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