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Posted by Banto ( on December 12, 2001 at 15:58:13:

In Reply to: Meaning posted by New Boy on December 12, 2001 at 13:47:39:

Challa is a traditional Punjabi song - its not Gurdas Maan's own lyrics but traditional to the land and the culture of Punjab and has been sung by many artists
However like I said before Gurdas Maan is the PIONEER of Challa and has given rebirth to this song - its only after he sang it that it was a phenomenal worldwide hit
Challa means ring and a ring is the symbol of love so the whole song is about love and its significance - its about the different stages and the different types of love - the Challa tells the story at each stage in life
Its real meaning is deep and it means that real love is love of God not love with others in this world - love with people will come to an end but love with God is eternal
Very deep

Here goes Challa
Jaavo ni koi morh liavo
Ne mera naal geya aj larke
Allah kare je aaja ve sona
Te jaan kadma vich darke

Challa beereo o boore - chorus
ve Watan mahi da boore
ve Janan pehle boore
Ve gal sun challeya
Chowra ve kada laye chora

Challa kuh te dariye
Ve gallan muh te kariye
Ve sache Rab to dariye
Ve gal sun challiya
Bola ve Rab to kade bola

Challa kaliyan marjaan
Ve mora peeke marsan
Ve sire tere charsan
Ve gal sun challeya
Gola ve saar ke kita gola (I think)

Challa nau nau kheve
Ve putr mitre meve
Ve Allah sab nu deve
Ve gal sun challeya
Kawan ve mawan thandiyan chawaan

Challa kan diyan dandiyan
Ve sare pind vich vadiyan
Ve gallan chad pa chandiyan
Ve gal sun challeya
Gola ve saar ke kitai gola

Challa gal di begani
Ve tur ge dilan de jani
Ve meri dukhan di kahani
Ve aake sunja
Bhola ve teto kadai bhola

Challa paiye gaenay
Sajan beli nae rehnay
Duk jindri nae sehney
Ve gal sun challeya
Bhola ve kada paane rohla

These are the verses sung by Gurdas Maan but there are so many other verses to this song all sung by different singers - heres some other famous ones

Challa hoya bahree
Sajan waj ge bechanee
Rohn ashiq dupairee
Ve gal sun challeya
Pave bura vela gayave

Challa zeran zabran
Moyan maliyan ne kabran
Jundey rendey na khabran
Ve gal sun challeya
Vehray Allah sang tan rakh re

Challa ik kamai
Joon paeran de payi
Allah pukhe judai
Pardesi ayee
Ve gal sun challeya
Utaran viran nal baharan

Man this one goes on and on !
But as always the real significance of Challa is Gurdas Maan and his version especially LIVE
The whole house is just rockin and rollin and singin along

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