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MANN PASAND MANJEET - Super Cinema 7th october 2006

If Gurdas Maan is the epitome of humility
then his wife, Manjeet Maan is the perfect partner in life. His wife is the backbone, the pillar of strength of Sai Productions, the film making banner she controlled single-handedly. She is the brain behind every move made by the company. She has the rare talent to get things done, to manage men and matters, to supervise things which no school of management anywhere in the world can teach.

Mrs. Manjeet Maan was the woman behind the organisation of all the Gurdas Maan shows both at home and in different parts of the world, shows that gave Gurdas Maan a special place in every Punjabi heart. She then took one big step and launched Sai Productions that would make a big difference to the ways films are made and the kind of films that are made. Sai Productions started its run with the making of Shaheed-E-Mohabbat Boota Singh. The film was a path breaker in the history of Punjabi films. It gave Punjabi films a great star-singer in Gurdas Maan. It won several major awards in Punjab and even at the national level. She then produced Zindagi Khoobsoorat Hai which was again a film which appealed to all and stayed in every heart. She then made a very ambitious film, Des Hoya Pardes which was made both in Hindi and also as an English version ready for release.

The film was a major achievement for Manjeet and her team and an impetus to go in for something more ambitious. The result of her determination is Waaris Shah - Ishq Daa Waaris. Her humble husband and Juhi Chawla play the lead­ing role in the film which is based on the story of the Sufi poet Heer of the 18th century. She left no stone unturned to bring that century alive and the result is seen in the glorious scene in the film.

All the credit for all the films she has made goes to her but she too is as humble as her husband in saying that it is not she alone but the work of her entire team and she believes that she has one of the best teams working with her to fulfill her dreams. She cannot think of working without her director, Manoj Punj who has directed all her films with a touch of class, her writer, Suraj Sanim, her cinematographer S.A. Krishna (I am proud of you, my dear Krishna) her music director, Jaidev Kumar and all the other technicians down to the spot boys working with her since years because they know how could the feeling is to be working for her. And you have to be a lover of life to experience the hospitality of Mrs. Maan. I have, and her love and concern to make me comfortable have almost killed me with love. Where do we have men and women like Mr. and Mrs. Maan who save mankind from being doomed the way it is behaving today?

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