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October 08, 2006 - 09:16 AM
sanjay bhadu

dear gurdas ji,
internet has given me this opportunity to interact with you and this is really a great gift for me.I m sanjay bhadu from hanumangarh near ferozpur dist.Your this fan is 20 yrs old and ofcourse heard all of your albums...the teachings, emotions, fellings n the variable feelings of the human heart your heart consist but should be said lushed impress and influence me to the bottom of my heart n to the height of my mind.about three months ago you did a performance in Fazilka on the occassion of retirement of SDM shree bhupender singh, i heard of this and i tried to reach there but for so i study in pune so i was unable to reach there...i have a great enthu in me to meet you once in my life.I have made a fan club community on the for you.when it is time your movie waris shah is released i must recall a quote written by AMRITA PRITAM : ajj akhan waris shah nu kithe kabran vichon boll,ajj kitabe ishq da koi agala varka khol,ik roi se dhee punjab di tun likh likh maare ban ajj lakhan dhian roandian te waris shah nu khain,uth dard manda de dardiya......ajj vale lashan vichiyan te lauh di bhari chanaab.....
i release all of my best wishes to you and your family...

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