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October 06, 2006 - 05:12 PM
Ingrid Roggiero

Hey dear Gurdas... i'm back...saw the movie, congradulations on a well done job as all the rest of your movies. Come on Gurdas you have to come to New York i have never seen one of your shows, i'm your new fan.. i just came to findout about you a year ago and i'm new to your music, your culture the "Punjab". My fiance is Punja..great guy by the way.. his father used to love you, you were his favorite singer.. he's passed away but your music has been passed on to him and he loves you so much... this is how i came to findout about you, the only problem is the language..but i got my boyfriend to tell me the meaning of your songs... how can i tell the music.. the heart you put in it.. i feel mesmorizing, like some sort of chant i would say.
I just wanted to let you know that your music has broken the barriers, i'm sure there are alot of people now a days that come all over the world with different nationalities that lisen to your music. I love you Gurdas, God bless you takes care of you and yours.

Sincerely Always and forever
your #1 fan

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