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August 23, 2006 - 01:22 PM
Rajkanwar Brar

Hi, I was at the Ottawa Canada concert in August 2005. And I admire Gurdas Maan for his writing and singing abilities. But I would say that Gurdas Maan , the person, came off as a bit arrogant. I know a little about his history in Ottawa and all the problems he had last time he was here and admire how he handled the stage but some of his comments left a bad taste to an otherwise wonderful evening. I also think it is about time he forgot all about that and started afresh. I had my 3 month old son with me because I did not want to miss the concert and I could not leave him with a babysitter. Sometimes I wish I had not gone to the concert and I would prefer to carry the image of Gurdas Maan I had created on the basis of his songs. Also I was wondering where could I get his older songs like, "Rahia tahe jaan deya ik layeen suneha ja" and others. Thanks for giving us a taste of home in these new homelands of ours. All the best.

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