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July 19, 2006 - 02:57 AM
Baldev Kamboj

Sat sri akal Gurdas Maan ji
I am sending u the greeting of new month Sawan. please enjoy this month with heart deepely because it is my favourite month. please go to the khate(farm) and watch the moving leafs of peddy crops and cotton crops with slowely-slowely rain and air. And u can go to a bagh and enjoy fruits of pamogranates and guava. Will u really go? Feedback me. And do not forget to see Satrangi Penghe after rain in the east side of sky after 5pm.
Do you want to know about me? I am your best fan. I leave in our farm and enjoy all these things in Sawan. When u sing your songs in khate at evening, koyal and air also sings with u.
please enjoy this month. I asked God, They will always help u.
Baldev Kamboj
vpo. suchan, Sirsa

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