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June 19, 2006 - 09:58 PM
Jassie (Jaspreet) Brar, Inderdeep Kaur, Navjeet Brar, Nelm Dhaliwal

Keemayaan, Kidhaan Haal Chaaal

We just cut out your pictures from the newspaper you should, get them to print newer pictures of you and your lovey dovey son, who i met the other day while i was having lunch with my sahailiyaaan, he was nice, but seem to have hung with the white people more . . . which I dont know, but o well hope to see you in bollywood in my future!

Take Care

PS. From Ontario Canada, Mississauga


- Jassie, Inder, Navi, Nelm THE BRAR/DHALIWAL CLAN

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