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The living legend did it again - Gurdas Maan lived up to popular expectations and set the stage on "musical fire" at the Event Center Arena at San Jose State University on Saturday, April 26th. The event, promoted by Mehta Entertainment in association with Lal Bhatia, was largely attended by fans of Gurdas Maan, some coming as far as the mid-west.

Upcoming Punjabi singer Minu Singh started the musical evening with a few of her songs and a bollywood number. The mood was upbeat even before the star ascended the stage, with the help of the mistress of ceremonies, Asha Sharma, as she introduced Maan with her sweet, wittiness of words. Then the legendary and handsome Gurdas Maan, dressed in a yellow lungi kurta, his trademark tambourine in his hand, took center stage and employed his individual traits of a poet, actor, folk dancer and a cultivated singer to make his performance and the evening memorable.

Maan began the concert with a religious number, before belting out some of his most beautiful numbers- from his evergreen "Challa", to songs like "Lakh pardesi hoyiye", "Apna Punjab Hove", "Mamla Garbar Hai", "Baabe bhangra paonde", "Ishaq da girdha", "Pind Thiyan Galiyan" and many more as the audience was clapping and even singing with Gurdas. Gurdas Maan entertained all night long. Promoter Deepak Mehta stated, "I worked hard to have a great sound, lighting and security at this Gurdas Mann concert so the audience could thoroughly enjoy their experience here over his past concerts.

All the fans left with big smiles, so I know I accomplished what I set out to do. Not to mention, Gurdas is a superb performer and he gave a mesmerizing performance for hours." Mehta Entertainment and Gurdas Maan were honored and awarded with a special recognition by the City of San Jose Vice Mayor Davi Cortefe in appreciation for their contribution in providing family entertainment in the Indo-American community.

Mehta Entertainment's Publicist Jinder K. Chohan mentioned, "After the show, it was a great pleasure to see Gurdas Maan posing with the hundred of fans lined up outside his dressing room. He posed and smiled with all, with great enthusiasm –something that you rarely see in the Bollywood world. It's no surprise how this charming man continues to win over new fans everyday."

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