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Gurdas Maan writes on a variety of subjects dealing with people and their problems in the language of the people and making a strong impact in their hearts. He is known as a poet, singer, performer and an actor who knows the pulse of the people.

We have collected various songs, mostly from Gurdas Maan's earlier albums for your listening pleasure. We are sure these songs will bring back fond memories.

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Dil Daa Maala Hai - Gurdas Maan shows how a simple word like "Dil" can be romantically manipulated in several styles and beats.
Punjeeri - In this song Gurdas Maan portrays the significance of the number FIVE in the lives of people. So click on the link and listen to how he explains the formation of PUNJEERI ........
Hai Mera Dil - This song reminds us of Gurdas Maan's block-buster song titled "Raton Ko Utth- Utth Kar" which has the same Hindi/Urdu narravative style.
Mamla Gadbad Hai - The beginning of the legend with this blockbuster chart. A timeless song popular even in today's contemporary times. The song was also used in the namesake film.
Ki Banu Duniya Daa - A question to the Almighty with regards to the changing times, culture and tradition. This wonderful song was used in the namesake film. Gurdas played a double role on this film.
Pind Diyan Galiyan An evergreen song for Indian expatriates.
Challa - Any concert, show or tour is incomplete without this mesmerizing song. One of the most requested songs.


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