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Suraj Sanim
Dear Friends,

Here are some of the highlights of Suraj Sanim ji's life.

1. He worked with many well known producers / directors. To name few of them - Vijay Anand Saab ( incidently - double cross made with him was his first movie ). He also made Rajput with him.

With Dev Saab - Des Pardes, Swami Dada.

With Raj Khosla - Main Tulsi Tere Angan Ki, Mera Dost Mera Dushman.

With Prakash Mehra - Jaadugar, Jwaalamukhi.

With Mahesh Bhatt - Lahoo ke do raang, Daddy,Thikaana.

With Hema ji as Producer / Director - Aawargi, Dil Ashna Hai.

He is survived by his brother and sister.

He did his agriculture degree course from Ludhiana and started his career as a sales person. He was very p***ionate about reading and writing.

He gave punjabi cinema a big push with his film Shaheed - e - mohabbat boota singh and after that with Des Hoyaa Pardes, political asylum and Waris shah.

He was 66 years old.

There are many scripts already written by him and who knows we might see some of his work in future.

13 Feb 2008 07:55
harmeet sidhu
Thanks webmaster.

This information will go down after few posts... so please on this web*** put up a page dedicated to him.. so that people coming after months, years can read that how great he was.
13 Feb 2008 14:14
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