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With deep anguish and sadness we announce the death of Suraj Sanim Ji, a great writer and our beloved friend.

May his soul rest in peace - sai productions team
12 Feb 2008 08:02
Suraj ji's p***ing
Very sad news indeed........this comes as another major blow to Sai Productions, right on the heels of Manoj Punj ji's p***ing.........my condolences to his loved ones & the entire SP team........may the Almighty give everyone the courage to bear this loss, & may his soul rest in peace.....Ameen. 12 Feb 2008 13:23
Amardeep Sidhu
very sad...
Its a very sad news...first it was Manoj Punj and now Suraj Sanim...I think he wrote all the Sai Prod's movies...but now that man is no more :(

Its really sad...for punjabi cinema also...a great man is gone...

anybody...any ideas about his age ?

may his soul rest in peace...
12 Feb 2008 13:58
harmeet sidhu
it is sad :(

i had not heard this name before but still as amardeep says that he was writing for SP then really sad... :(

may his soul rest in peace.

any more info websmaster ? ? ?
12 Feb 2008 14:44
I have all the time in the world for writers, those idividuals who are often overlooked in the film/music process, but who are really the reason for a film being made!
And here we're not talking about just any writer, we're talking about an award winning writer who wrote Punjabi films like no one ever has - great films, above the mediocre.

Punjabi cinema may not know how big a loss this is, but Sai Productions will no doubt feel the devestation - and I'm just talking professionally. Personally it's greater, if possible, I'm sure.
If Sai Prductions' feel that they were recovering, JUST, from Manoj Punj's loss, then they've just been taken aback - big time. It's almost professionally 'un-recoverable'.
We lost the building in Manoj Punj, but now we have lost the foundations. So, the foundations must begin again.
Its not easy.
God bless his family,and all who were ***ociated.
12 Feb 2008 14:49
Rajnish Arora
Its a very sad news.

"May god give peace to his soul"

Webmaster what was his age and how this happened.

Rab rakha
12 Feb 2008 16:13
Kashmir Gill
Suraj Sanim
I request all the fans Of Maan Sahib and Sai Productions to do a google search about Suraj Sanimji. That will give everybody enough material to learn and appreceate Suarjji's writing's and character. I and Manjit Maan had a great friendship with Surajji. After Manoj Punj's death he just went into dipression and never came out of that. Manjitji along with Kananji tried their level best to get him medical and emotional support. We love Surajji and may God bless him with a better journey. Please dont forget to write about your research. 12 Feb 2008 17:25
rabb rakha
so disheartning to read this news....shocking news....
his contribution to cinema feild was healthy..
kashmir gill je...i hope tusi maansaab di films de producer hone aa....rabb sabb nu honsla bakshe..

umran de nal mehrban sathi chale gaye
mousam nal rut jo mastani chali gayi

mehr kari daateya.
12 Feb 2008 17:44
It is devestating to hear about this loss. My condolences to sai productions and the family of suraj 12 Feb 2008 19:27
Yet again we have lost a good person.
Some of his good movies written by him
Des Hoyaa Pardes , Gardish, Dil Aashna Hai, Haque, Awaargi,Khatarnaak ,Rihaee ,Thikana,Door-desh
My condolences to suraj family and his extended Sai family and all fans!!!
13 Feb 2008 10:00
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