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New album
I am one of GM's biggest fans but wish to remiain anonymous because quite a few of you know me on the board and will be dissapointed with my view of the album. I have been listening to the Maan shib since early 80s, have been to about 15 concerts and met him a few times.

First of all - please go and BUY the album - down download - I bought mine today and it IS available in the UK

My view of the album is:

Boot polishan - agree with a previous comment - not enough music for this type of theme - apart from that - PERFECT

Cycle: Biggest dissapointment. No 'sir yar pair' (head or tail) to this song. Lyrics are weak.and the endign is ever worse. Wont do well outside of India.

Challi: Love it! Perfect.

Dillan de jaani: Great song - could have done with being a little longer - I know he had to put the speach at the front and well done for that but it detracts something from the song - esp if you have to listen to it again and again. Apart from that - perfect.

Taare gawah ne: Good song but not enough emotions. Lyrics are perfect but could have been sung better - we know what Maan can do but this was not what it could have been. The voice seemed too 'dry'

Saheliya: Great song. Love it. Great music and very meaningful - Maan cl***ic

Mappe: Again a top notch song. Well done Maan sahib

Bhaghat Singh: This COULD have been the PERFECT GM Patriotic song. I'm still waiting for something to top 'Dharti Punjab di' and 'Murh ja veh murh ja biba' and 'Punjabiye zubanne' but it isnt going to be this one. Lack of p***ion we have come to expect from the great man is missing. The song is not long enough either. Bit like 'Sarbans daniya' - that was let down by being too short and the voice being very dry. It's almost like Maan sahib wanted to finish the song off in a hurry. This was one of the biggest dissapointment - along with Cycle. It had the potential to be BIG but Maan just killed it part way.

Also didnt like the use of 'Gurdas Maan' too much. Maan, Maan marjana, Maan nimana, etc is great, but Gurdas Maan sounds too long. At end of Boot polishan he talks about marna and we shouldnt keep saying marna marna etc - HOWEVER, STRAIGHT after that he finishes the song with the cl***ic 'Maan marjana' - doent quite work for me im afraid.

Voice was a little too dry in a lot of the songs.

Overall - 7 out of 10 - and thats being generous. After Heer and Valaitan - this was a big dissapointment. Come on Maan sahib, Punjabiyan di Shaan - we know you can do better.

I hope Maan ji see's this post and tries to improve things next time around

Apologies for the lenghthy post. Jiyo and Khush raho.
12 Jan 2008 19:37
It's great to see an honest review...and I'm sure that this is the kind of feedback an artist like GM looks for.....constructive ctiticism is a great way to improve. Last yr, in his interview with BBC, he clearly said this too - that he looks for feedback from his fans, & tries to change things accordingly 14 Jan 2008 16:31
new album
is it new album only out in uk or all over the world 14 Jan 2008 16:52
New Album
Arehil - thank you so much for your post. For a moment I thought I was going to be crusified by everyone :)
Quick update: some of the songs, having listened to them are quite catchy and sound a lot better (not perfect though and my comments from previous post still stand).
Since I am an avid Gurdas Maan fan, I was bound to continue to listen to the album which presented the opportunity for me be 'hooked' - however, this is not likely to happen with those who only listen to GM and now and again - esp the youngsters who are perhaps getting their first taste of true Punjabi music

PLEASE, PLEASE Maan sahib give us another 'Sajna veh sajna', Peer tere jaan di, Dharti Punjab di, Heer, Kamli, Yaar mere jaaap de khuda varge, Bhul ge ne yaar puraane, Dostan di mehar baani maar gai, Peenda han main peenda han, CHITHI, Parande, yaar purane nahi disde, Main neewan, Mitt, Bachpan ...oh my God, there ae SOOOO many GM cl***ics
14 Jan 2008 21:05
Like you, I too have been listening to the album non-stop since it's launch.......infact, my better half & I are such avid GM fans that we bought 2 copies of the original CD......simply because I refused to part with mine :-) Despite the shortcomings, it's still a good album....the songs are enjoyable......it just won't be a cl***ic..........so Maan saab, if you are reading this, my heartfelt apologies if any of the comments have hurt you in any way.......but we love you, & are still true blue fans of yours.... come what may, we are sticking to you like glue!!! 15 Jan 2008 04:40
New album
Hi everyone. I'm back. Been a long time since I posted on the board - maaf karna ji.

I've read the Annonymous' comments with great interest and must say (even as one of Maan sahib's most avid fan - I make that claim because I've listening to him since early 80sand been to numerous concerts and met him as well) I too am a little disspointed. My views are similar to Annonymous' (no - I'm not Annonymous him/herself). I must say however that once you start listening to it you do seem to want to listen again and again. It's not in same cl*** as Heer , Valaitan, Punjeeri I must admit but still a great album

I really would have liked Bhaghat Singh to be a little longer and sung with more p***ion. I dont think there will be another song to top Dharti Punjab di on that theme - you have GOT to see that one live to fully apprecaite it. I heard it in 99 at Aston lesisure centre - AMAZING! Absolutely amazing.

Cycle I feel should not have been on the album - that is very disspointing

It's a testement to Maan sahib's ability that even after 27 years he still continues to reign the Punjabi music industry - how many artists can say that (in any language or culture). He's not just among one of the best - he IS the best and no one has been able to top him
15 Jan 2008 18:01
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