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Lets' test luv 4 GM!
Ssa all,
Whole world knows, Legends' bday falls on jan,04 each year.
No doubts celebrations wud b thr in every hook n corner wherever maan sahab's fans reside all over globe.
Besides your prayers, i just want to know how you will define your luv before maan sahab.
I want to know your thoughts that if Maan sahab wud 've been thr with u on his b'day, How u gonna celebrate it wid him?

Please post in few lines, we dont need discussion. Its' just my way to see how people treat/celebrate in their own way....dont think just type down!

03 Jan 2008 14:55
B'day celebration
First & foremost....I would hold a prayer service......to seek blessings from the Almighty, & to pray for a long, healthy & happy life for him.
Then, I would invite the people that HE cherishes the most in his life to come & share his special day with him.....share some old memories & create new ones....the house would be filled with lots of laughter......oh, if only there was a way to make this dream come true :-)
04 Jan 2008 01:59
Amardeep Sidhu
If time allows...I wud like to interview him...once I watched an interview of gurdas on dd pbi...the host was utterly dumb n stupid...it made me mad...I wrote abt it even on this forum or yahoo group...

so I would like to interview maan saab in ma style and I am sure I can make it beautiful :)

yaar zyada tan nahi ho gia ? :P

06 Jan 2008 10:39
harmeet sidhu
i had also seen that interview... she girl said to gm " tusi likhde ve oo" lol

gurdas maan said "LAI". :)
08 Jan 2008 03:13
Amardeep Sidhu
naale gurdas maan apne career de shuru bare das riha...when he started with dil da mamla and all...

kehndi "ik tusi challa b gaya"...mera dil kare kann te chaddan ehde tin chaar....bad dimaag....ehna nu bithaunde kyo a edde wadde bande di interview lain....
08 Jan 2008 03:52
ya thts disrespect of such a great personality.

well coming bck to the topic, I thought why not I also put up my thoughts also.

I would definitly try to pray maan sahab as usual by praying at nearby gurudwara sahib early morning, reciting japuji sahib, ardaas n then coming back home!
Being with gurdas ji tht special day is a blessing more than anything else, frankly, never even dreamt of being with maan sahab on his bday.
I would like to take him out on ride or long walk beachside or on outerskirts sitting n talking abt his life. About truths like never have been read/mentioned in news,articles...stuff that have been controversial...its not about getting personal its above that level abt the person whom your worship. It shud b in a perfect way not to make him feel as if he is being interviewed but in a very cosy/friendly way.
It would definitely be fun filled day as all are aware of his sense of humour.
And finally going for good dinner/hopefully if punjab then ghar di roti!
no more thoughts comin to mind for now...

08 Jan 2008 07:29
dil na todo kise da
agree with u....
she was unprepared to dat interview....galtia keetia si..
to err is human...thokar khaa ke hi akal aundi aa sihane bande nu

manjeet maan baare questions jo puche si usda koi matlab nahi si.
she asked after song kudiye kismat pudiye...
tuhade koi dhee ni..geet tusi likhia aap..
maansaab ne mathe hath maar k kiha..lo kar lo gall..
huni tan tusi kehdne si tusi geetkaar bahut wadhia ho..
she replied...tuhade shakishta de kaafi pehlu wicho lok anjaan ne.awein uhna wicho ik han.

oh kudi nervous si kaafi..saaf paata lagg riha si..
phone-in-call program si....oh tan vichaari confuse hoyi peyi si...samaj na awe ki kare..
jiwen kukkad khudde cho bahar aa k bhajj de edhar udhar..oh halat hoye paye si...haha..
overall dekhiya jawe...ehni maadi v nahi si interview ki usda koi issue bann jawe..

je mainu koi computer enng.. aa k kehan lagg jaawe
ki engine nu ***emble euin ..karna chahida eh karna chahida..us tarah kar..i will feel bad....mech. engg. nu wadh paata hovega.?
ehni criticism v jayij nahi aa yaar...ki nobat thapad marn tak di aa jawe..kuinki it looks simple..par job bahut tough aa.

bande nu apni bukkal wich
apna chehra nahi disda
tu suraj hai suraj nu
dharti da haneera nahi disda.....gurdas mann

gurdas maan ji ne sohne te sulje hoye jawab de k rooh khush kar diiti...i really enjoyed that interview..us kudi diyan v galtia chhup gayian..

ik munde ne kiha phone utte mere brother nu supne v tuhade aunde aa..maansaab h***e te kiha..dream girl suni si main dream boy bann gaya...lolz

keeran kise se dasia ki tuhada ambarsar wale show wich kafi dhake te danga peyian si sadde..
maansaab ne kiha..

mele wich tinn kamm
pakke dhup dhoof te dhaake..

maansaab de jawab den de andaaj da v koi jaawab ni..

bakki diyan gallan chhadi dil saaf hona chahida..
best of luck sidhu veer for ur interview,
tuhadi interview jaroor us kudi nalo wadhiya hovegi..i know..after all u r the best knowldeable person on gurdas mann at this fan club.
08 Jan 2008 08:57
Amardeep Sidhu
22 am not sure...if we are talking about the same interview...but whatever part I saw was stupid...for sure...

When you are interviewing a man of this level..you have to take care of the host also...and you know who would have done it best ....


Divia Dutta....IMO even satinder satti does over acting these days..and the kind of wardrobe she comes in...is pure stupid...and also she has cut a stupid album...i cant understand why people cant stick with one thing...which they do perfectly...huh ???

bhul chuk maaf....

my 2 cents....

08 Jan 2008 14:46
new interviews
star kalakaar program si..
yaar punjab-e song leyi shooting keeti si gm ne uhna dina wich doordarshan te...dd punjabi te repeat hunda rehnda...

dnt take my comments personal..

i m not shieding or defending dat girl..one thing very much sure..its wrong if u think this is dis-respect to gurdas mann...ise kudi ne gurdas mann ton badde senior kalakaar diyan interviews v layia ne
kuldeep manak..yash chopra...surinder kaur...n many.

kuch parts dekh k ehne harsh words use nahi karne chahide...dats wat i was saying..

never judge the book from the cover of the face..

eh program punjab de pinda dihaati ilaake tak janda..
iss tarah de programs nu big budgets international level de nal compare karna theek nahi.
gurdas mann tan interview den lagge khush najar aunde si...even uhna ne anc.hor nu kafi hasayia.
one thing i liked the most is when gurdas mann said..

waah ni janjeeriye tennu val kihne te tere ch val koi naa.
later explain keeta...
janjeeri[neck-chain] nu je dekho dhiyan nal....kihni vaar vingi ho k aapas wich touch hundi aa..te jurdi aa.....
fir v sidhi ho jandi..when stretched.sabb de apne views aa...

chhade hoye teer kamano
nikli hoyi gal jubano
modeya na murdi ni...........gurdas mann

mainu gussa nahi balki taras jaroor aunda si..
jado vichari confuse hoyi peyi si
kade paper val dekhdi si questions puchan ton pehla..lol
even gurdasmann once wrote..

ashqan nu lafaja di ghaat maar jandi aa
galbaat kahdi kabbraat maar jandi aa

anyway, it happen..mitti pao..
lets see maansaab koi inteview dinde aa..
for promotion of boot polisha

phir v je in near future changi kismat nal tuhada gurdas mann nal program hoyia
tan meri phone call jaroor attend kar leyo..lolz
bahuta tan nahi time waise tarunga par main sasrikal jarori balouni aa maansaabh nu...lolz
08 Jan 2008 16:06
Agar interview ka chance mila ...to jawani ka raaz bhi puch lena! ......I wanna have what he's having :-) 08 Jan 2008 17:03
here's d secret
abt his fitness n jawani...

o mundiyo dand bethka maaro
kudiyo apna roop shingaaro
ser toh susti paareh utaaro
thonu ki majboori ae
bakki de kamm baadch
pehla sehat jaroori ae..
akhir nu kamm auni
jehri khaadi choori aa
bakki de kamm baadch..
pehla health jaroori ae
08 Jan 2008 18:19
Amardeep Sidhu
for j***i...
koi chakkar ni 22...

all thots are welcome :)

09 Jan 2008 01:42
$(text) 09 Jan 2008 01:42
harmeet sidhu
ya arehill
ya Arehill ji i was also to write that point. k jive jive umar badd rahi aa gurdas maan jawan ee hoyi jaande aa... chalo appa taan kehne aa k edda ee rehan.. par bootpoilsha video wich he is looking so young than other old videos. 09 Jan 2008 07:55
This was a healthy discussion, and its positive.

I would say its not the fault of that lady , sometimes there are channels at the back end who do all this. At the end of the day its their business. Its they who need to understand that when somebody as big as GM is coming onto show they should field some good person. And they dont mind till the time people dont complain about that. Nobody complains to channels so far about all this..its only between we guys .because this is the only circle of die hard fans of GM. Its not like whole community is complaining about it.

I like your views J***i, soch wadiya hai...pata lagda Babe da asar hai life upper...
thts the Gurdas way!!

09 Jan 2008 09:46
$(text) 10 Jan 2008 06:57
Manjit Kaur
Day with GM
Oh my if I got to spend a day with Maan Sahib, I don't know what I would do. First it would take me at least an hour for my hands to stop shaking. I would then probably go to a park or a beach where we could talk uninteruppted. I would then tell him how his songs have inspired me. I would expain how I listened to his songs when I was young, and how I didn't understand them then and I just sang along. I would then explain how his songs had a whole new meaning as I went through different stages in my life, ie. Dil Da Mamla Hai, Sanu the Aisa Mahi, Babul there da dil, Jhanjarain wali, Mitti, etc. etc. Depending on how I'm feeling, I can find a song to suit my every mood and/or memory (sad, love for different people ie. spouse, children, parents, siblings, romance, friends, nature, Bhagat Singh Ji, Uddam Singh Ji) I don't think I know of any other singer like this, mind you, I haven't cared to look for another, this singer meets all my needs as a fan. I would explain how I have had my son dance on stage with him and had that picture blown up into a poster and autographed my him, not to show it off, but because I feel that this is something valuable that I could leave behind to my children as an important part of our Virsa and something hopefully that they will p*** down to their children. I would tell him all this because I think, no actually I know for certain, that this would mean a lot to him. Knowing how his songs effect others and that we actually do understand the truer deeper meaning. I would not intrude about his life because I strongly believe that everybody should have privacy. I would however, ask him to share some personal stories and/or memories about his childhood, his parents, siblings, his son and wife, something about himself when he's at home with his family. I would want him to know that his songs are evergreen. I listened to them 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago, a week ago, yesterday and today, but they only get better and better and I learn more and more. I think the fact that I am born and raised outside of India and have true sincere care for Maan Sahib and his music is a real big accomplishment. I remember when I went to school, most of the kids never really even knew Punjabi, never mind listening to the music. So the fact that I have stayed connected to my culture and heritage is a big thanks to Maan Sahib and I would definately want him to know this, because I am really proud of it. Lastly, I would love to make him tea, Makhi di Roti and Saag. 10 Jan 2008 14:05
$(text) 10 Jan 2008 14:49
$(text) 11 Jan 2008 16:24
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