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GM song
Just found this song on the web by chance…..heard it for the first time…..it’s called “Sohney Des Punjab Ton”, from the movie Banana Brothers. It’s a beautiful song….another ode to Punjab, just like “Mera Des Mere Dildara Da”…… 01 Aug 2007 13:31
It's actually penned by Babbu Singh Maan,and I don't think that GM sang any other song in the film. His voice is perfect for this song, sang it brilliantly, and as ever, sang it with p***ion (which is lacking in today's singers) I'm not sure if the film itself did get released or not.. 03 Aug 2007 13:27
this was a song in banana brother movie starring gursawek maan it was hindi movie. gurdas maan sang this
chad chad chanda sohneya tu kar rushnayiya oye
Vekh ke tainu watan diya kujj yaadan aiya oye
nai bhulayeya bhuldiya piplan diya shawan
sohne des punjab ton sadke javan oye....

movie did got released but it was pretty cheesy movie with gursawek maan, anupam kher, gulshan grover, johny lever

was pretty corny movie
05 Aug 2007 21:48
need song
hi cn any one tell me i wnt to download this sond mera des mere dildara sa where cn i find it who is singer.
plz reply bk
07 Sep 2007 08:58
rabb rakha

gurdas mann preeti sapru
surinder shinda n kulbhushan kharbanda
staring pbi. movie " ucha dar babbe nanak da" wich hai shayid eh song..may be.

Jeeeen Mere Vatana Diyan Maavan
Tai Ghar Ghar Jeevaaan Putt Jawan
Oh Kurriyan Chirian Dheyan Bhena
Sabbe jeewan khusi Manaan
Tik Lik Leer Di Pagh Mere Veer Di
Duppata Mere Bhai Da Fittay Mu Jawai Da

modified: 08 Feb 2008 09:46 GMT
07 Sep 2007 11:23
just been on ukbox office *** and theres some *** images of mr maan on the ***.

i guess its from his uk shows, never seen them before.

anyways, album is pretty good. *** variety and surely something that you can listen to over and over again..

26 Jan 2008 23:01

modified: 08 Feb 2008 06:44 GMT
03 Feb 2008 19:51
Dyapreet Singh
Yeh those are from the old films of our gurdas maan 07 Feb 2008 14:56
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