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Manoj was the original punjabi film director with true guts and true courage to take the pioneering route of taking punjabi cinema to the top which he did with blockbusters like shaheed e mohabat, des hoya pardes and lastly warish shah. These are revolutionary films that have been and will be copied and imitated by bollywood many times.
It is so sad that he will not be able to enjoy the real success and fruits of all his hard work.
Pata nahin kis di nazar lagee hai.
He was a real star.
May he rest in peace.
25 Oct 2006 20:56
Make Manoj Punj's website a shrine and a living memory for the life of a great man.


Visit the site, add your thoughts and keep this legend alive.
25 Oct 2006 21:05
I've already written my tribute to Manoj Punj, and find it so difficult to write anything now...I sense the sesnsitivity amongst other regulars too in their posts...

But I just wanted to add, I know I've said it already, but, when people p*** away (famous people) we always say,out of cliche, 'it is a big loss'....but yaaro,this truly is a huge loss.
Punj was ready to make whatever film he chose now, on whatever scale. It is because of Sai Productions (and Punj in paticular) that Punjabi cinema can stand tall amongst the film world. He made great films, especially if you consider we are a small regional industry. His films were getting 'out there', commercially and critically. Manmohan Singh (of Dil Apna Punjabi etc), or other Punjabi film directors are not going to, or will be going to increase the credibilty of our cinema, only Punj was competent enough to do that. Now what?
Gone in an instance. If you look at it real close you can actually see and feel the huge void in Punjabi films now. What now?seriously? Punj is gone. Who is going to make Sai Production's wonderful creations. Whoever tries, we will know that it's not Punj.
Just when Punjabi films (thanks ONLY to Punj and Sai Prodcutions) were becoming very threatening to Mumbai and other regions, we have stopped, and have been told to take ten steps back. So we start again, and wait for another Manoj Punj.

I don't know if anyone saw, but on Alpha Punjabi news they showed the 'funeral' (only a glimpse) of Punj. Om Puri, Mukesh Rishi and Harbhajan Maan gave small interviews to the camera in tribute to Punj.
Om Puri said that after watching his last film, when he got out of the cinema he was greeted warmly by a gentleman. Only after did he realise that this gentleman was the creator of such a wonderful film.
There were also shots of Divya Dutta (in white) weeping in disbelief.
We also saw Majeet Maan walking and crying heavily as if she 'just realised' what hsd happened. Behind her walked a defeated looking Gurdas Maan;sleeves rolled up, looked tiresome. He walked behind Manjeet and looked down at the ground as he did so as if trying to figure out the mystery of death. These were people whose faces expressed that Punj's death was not coming, but it was untimely. Unfairly untimely.
26 Oct 2006 00:05
anon did they show just clips of the funeral? And do u think it will be shown again. I know people may be wondering on why I want to see such a thing. But I honestly cannot believe that manoj punj has left us forever, Im hoping seeing this will bring some closure. 26 Oct 2006 01:18
Will they show the funeral again? I cannot believe what has happened - it is as if it is not true - tell me its a bad dream. Thats why seeing someone or something near to Manoj will bring it closer to the horrible truth which for now is a big lie. 26 Oct 2006 23:05
HI gunjan,
it was actually on Alpha etc news. It was just a bulletin, and does not show anymore. It lasted all of a minute maybe. They just showed quick glimpses of the interviewees, not the entire funeral or anything. Of course, it's 'old news' now and they won't show it again, but as SF said, it's still a new nightmare for us...

Hope to add another post soon, when the mood has changed. Maybe a while yet.....
27 Oct 2006 01:16
salute to manoj punj
salute to Manoj Punj 01 Nov 2006 09:52
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