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manoj punj
Has anyone seen anything on tv or heard any interviews with gurdas maan after this tragedy? I was listening to a radio program in which the host said that he spoke with manjeet maan who had juat returned home after the funeral. She said everyone was in great shock and were very sad. She also said that may singers and other members of the film industry came to the funeral not just for manoj punj but for maan saab and his family too. She said maan saab is extremly upset, and right now the family is just trying to deal with this tragic news that seems just so unbelievable. 23 Oct 2006 18:01
it is true.
Yes it is very unbelievable last week on the 13th of October in Sacramento California he was at the grand premier and i talked to him for few minutes telling him it how Waris Shah is a great movie and he was a very gentle humanbeing.

23 Oct 2006 23:23
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