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Sad loss

Every time somebody known p***es away, you always hear that 'Our industry has lost a true legend etc.'. Often this is said out of a tribute.
But, with Manoj Punj, we can say it out of observation and honesty. He was the finest Punjabi director today,full stop. He had no rivals in making Punjabi films. This is just so tragic,you can't really use any words to describe the loss, herendous loss.
Without sounding selfish, what can we expect from GM in the film world now?Why should we expect anythin now?

The Sai-Productions resident director has left us, so what now for Saiand his team. I think at this moment in time, Gurdas Maan ji probably does not, rightly so, care! It's all about Manoj Punj now. So young.
I just saw him in a live interview last week and how liitle he knew that his time was now.
Khair, maybe Waheguru, extended his time so that he can at least finish and release what has now become his last masterpiece, Waris Shah. But it's sad to see that he never got to fully reap the awards and rewards he would have probably received.

'Samiya de naal meherbaan saathi chale gaye, saathi chale gaye'.

Rab rakha to all....

It's safe to say that Manoj Punj is to Punjabi films (now), as Gurdas Mann is to Punjabi music.
I just hope, Gurdas Maan takes this loss philosophicaly and moves on, just as Punj would ahve liked, and would have done himself.
23 Oct 2006 14:42
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