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Waris Shah
Can anyone predict how long Waris Shah will run in the cinemas? Do you think that it will run for as long as Des Hoyaa Pardes did or maybe even longer? I hope so. I still have not seen this film yet. but I do intend to see it soon and I am sure that I will love it. I have enjoyed reading all the lovely reviews; it triggers my excitement even more. I can't wait to see the movie!

18 Oct 2006 19:51
harmeet singh
hi sameena.. i had just read that u hadent seen the film .. upto now that means ur sharing position with me.. i too had not seen.. but will see soon..

according to me waris shah will continue as long as desh hoya pardes.. but maybe this film is not close to today's young geneartion as they dont like these types of films.. (not me).. maybe this will go behind the desh hoya pardes..

in des hoya pardes their was voice of 1984 punjab.. so it just smashed all cinemas... but waiting for waris shah to become super hit and super bumper hit...

god bless sai productions and guradaa***..

19 Oct 2006 01:35
Waris Shah
I really want Waris Shah to break the record and run for a long long time, but do you know that two hindi movies are eleasing this week, Don and Janemaan and I am just a little worried as I reall hope that these two movies don't take over as they do have big stars. I know that they cannot compare to Waris Shah, but you know how the public can be. Even silly movies with no story are becoming hits these days and I really don't want a beautiful and deserving movie to suffer the consequences. What do you all think? Do you think that I am over reacting? I hope so, but I just want Waris Shah to stand on it own and have a fair chance. The whole team deserves it. I would love to hear some of your opinions. I need some re***urance. May God Bless the entire team and Waris Shah. Does anyone know how it's doing in India? Is it running to full houses?

19 Oct 2006 02:38
harmeet singh
i don't know that there r house fulls caz i don't have it my city..

u should no worry about waris shah caz it will grab all the awards..

19 Oct 2006 08:13

It's very good to see that the forum is so busy. But it is even nicer to see it busier with opinions, rather than facts (though they're nice too).
Sameena ji, I must say, you are a relatively new member but your writing has a lot of p***ion behind it, yet, correct me if I'm wrong, but also a sense of childish-ness (in a good way). You seem to be a young voice since you're always ready to learn 'what'shappening now?' 'where is it happeining' etc etc.
Keep up the questions, because that way people like Harmeet can answer...
And to Hrmeet we go. 22g, you remind me a lot like J***i (nawashar). Jeeyo...

And so the rest, Amardeep, Vijay, Rav Kaur, gunjan etc and all the others who I dont need to mention, keep it up. Though some in that little list have become strangers!!

Sorry, but no info on GM this time, but if you go to youtubes site, and type in 'Gurdas' there are loads of videos of him (which we all know), but theres one interview of him too (fairly old), but worth a watch...

Keep up the good work guys
19 Oct 2006 23:37
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