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check it out
hey everyone

check out www.watnodur.com and go to current news and there is a interview with maan saab. And for those of u who missed maan saab on mh1 on this show a few weeks ago they played a little bit of that show. Im not sure which week it is from or if it has been uploaded yet but u can watch on line on this website.
13 Oct 2006 20:01
sorry i meant under news in punjabi 13 Oct 2006 20:03
check it out
Hi Kareena

I was able to find the interview on the website, but it is in Punjabi and unfortunately, I cannot read Punjabi. Do you know if there is an English version? If it is not too much trouple, can you please translate what Maan Saab said, at least the most important details in English of the interview? I would really appreciate this. I was looking so forward to reading his interview and I am really curious was was said. Thanks a lot.

13 Oct 2006 20:36
hey sameena

basically the in the interview maan saab is asked about waris shah ishq da waaris. He said that the team of waris is quite close and are appriciated by fans so there is no need for change in members. He stated this by using his background in sports as a analogy. He also said that his affection with waris shah has been for a very long time. Singing heer at a young age played quite a role in the success of waris shah today. He said manoj punj deserves alot of credit for making (gurdas) through his direction look so believable as waris shah. Also gurdas had wanted to make a historical film for quite some time, but he was thinking of making on Bulle shah, but then raj babbar's brother suggested making a movie on waris shah. After that manoj punj and manjeet started planning. As far as the look of waris shah goes maan saab said that before doing the movie he got a chance to wear the getup of waris shah during a video for (Im guessing the song from vilayatan), the only thing missing was his beard. After getting ready he said "manjeet look waris shah is here!" Then when came time for shooting the movie maan saab looked in the mirror for the first time and felt like waris shah had given him his blessings. As far as the buget of the movie goes maan said that he has no idea about it, questions regarding the cost of the movie need to be posed to manjit. But any questions regarding heer he could spend a very long time talking about. He also said that the film has been chosen for the berlin film festival and then when asked about his own album he said that vilayatan has been well recieved, working on waris shah has kept him busy so his new album will take some time.
Hope that this makes sense sameena Im not very good at translating.
13 Oct 2006 23:23
Thanks so much, Kareena. This is great and really helpfull. Thanks a ton.

14 Oct 2006 01:47
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