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hello anon

did u catch this program that was on in the uk?
10 Oct 2006 22:08
yes i did
Hi gunjan,
I did happen to catch the programme here, but only just!
I was flicking through the channels as you do,and just so happened to turn to MATV (channel) and was taken back when I saw GM sitting there!Its from Leicester by the way.
I missed half hour of it and only got to see the remaining half.

It was a live phone in show,you know the ones where 'Hello?'....'Hello?'.....Hel-llooo?' always occurs...Anyway, Manoj Punj also came on in the second half. GM was his usual self, a couple of funny one-liners here and there. They were basically discussing Waris Shah.
All those that phoned in were extrememly complimentary to GM and they said everything I would have liked to...such as 'I hope you know ur the best etc etc. Ur thegreatest etc....

But there was one call from a guy in Germany who was brilliant. He absolutley,almost literally had GM in tears... and me! GM joined his hands to greet his voice when the guy objected to it and said, in Punjabi, "When you (GM) just joined your ahnds to me,I've started to cry. Your my chota veer and (roughly) not worthy etc"Almost teary...But this guy was so complimentary and to him and basically said, that because of you Punjabi is still in me, and basically, in not so many words, you are the frigging King!!!!
GM was clearly moved by this....and even put his hand out so to stop the host from disconnecting him. Brilliant!

The host then asked Punj that GM is a very humbe and frankly brilliant human being, what great things do you like about him (I know, that was awkward!!) And before Punj stated the obvious GM siad in his typically humorous way " Me peth karlava?" (Shall I turn my back)...

They were both there in their suits, on the sofa, as Punj managed to string along some english words with ease, and even GM's educated mind transpired with his "thank you all so much" appreciation.
But the best thing about thier 'Waris Shah discussion' was the fact that GM at one point just pondered up in the corner as he listened to the overwhelming compliments about his life and his work, as if he had no response to the love. Great stuff.
Though he did say it's all with His grace!
Punj did mention that he admired the fact the GM always apreciates other artistes and even fones them if he thinks they done well.
One things for sure with GM, through his songs, what you HEAR is what you get.
I know, I've taken the cake with the length again...sorry..
10 Oct 2006 22:50
thanks anon
thanx a lot anon. after hearing that the legend was on tv and that I didnt get to see him i was a little upset, but after reading your post i feel much better. Sorry u missed the first half, but maybe he'll be on another show as im sure he's gonna go around to other cities to promote the film. I mean if he's going to promote the film he's going to have to move to areas of the u.k where the punjabi population is a little larger than leicester. I dont mean to offend any fans from there but from what I recall of the u.k Leicester wasn't really a punjabi dominating area.

Thanks again Anon

11 Oct 2006 02:53
harmeet sidhu
anon thanks
thanks anon ... for the show review .. kujh pala layi mainu ve laggan lagg gaya c k main ve london ch mutv dekh reha eh.. thanks..

11 Oct 2006 11:40
Manpreet Singh
thanks man
thanks anon.. here in america we hardly get to see that stuff.. thanks for the post interview wrap up.. ur the man. 11 Oct 2006 13:38
Hi guys ,i am still over the moon that i got to speak to the legend,hope i get to meet him.So lucky to have put on program at right time.It was hour long show,legend even graced us with singing a few lines of some of his hits. 11 Oct 2006 16:17
Im glad you have also 'seen' the show through my description!!
Thanks, Jagdeep and Manpreet,,,
And, yes, he sung very quick lines of 'Peer Tere Jaan Di' and 'yaar badneetiya' (on request)...it's amazing how the voice sometimes souds much better without music or anything...its often much more p***ionate..
13 Oct 2006 00:10
And harmeet.......
likhi jao tusi saare........i prefer reading your lots posts than mine...
13 Oct 2006 00:11
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