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Waris Shah
When other actors and bollywood films play their part in further destroying the relationship of punjabis both east and west of the pakistan/india border - as do the politicians and religious crooks.
Gurdas Maan is the only star that has done so much and is still uniting punjabis both sides of the border.
Waris Shah is a blockbuster that will unite punjabis all over the world.
This is true love from a true punjabi heart.
07 Oct 2006 20:39
I agree with u..

even babbu mann said in a interview with despardes channel one and half yrs ago that all hindi bollywood producers make fun of punjabi's.. not only punjabis also gujratis.

but one producer should get credits: yash chopra..

if u have seen veer-zaara I think u know why,,..

galti nakalni hai, to sachai bhi sath lagao..

bhull chukk maafi,,:)

07 Oct 2006 21:26
warish shah
this is very true - gurdas maan is the only punjabi artist who unites punjabis of all religion - sikh, muslim, hindu.
He has done in all his films from the start and always portays punjab in a very artisitic way without making it cheap.
08 Oct 2006 16:20
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