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Another National Awa
Waris Shah - Ishq Daa Waaris"

Review Gurdas Maan woke up to Waris Shah and lived him inside his mind, his songs , his prayers . And finally turned it inside out and brush-stroked it with life-force, full throttle on 70mm . . . . Sai Productions' Waris Shah - Ishq Da Waris is someone's dream - woven tenderly , lovingly , longingly . And that explains the involvement of Maan - he plays Waris, simmers in his verse , sings him and lives out his journey of Heer. It strikes even better in the way director Manoj Punj places the verses at the right niches across the story and turns it a 'musical' . With Maan rendering allmost all the music , its a delicious offering . Its also a story of how love - at its most chaste-lords over cinders; how that kind of love wings up to the skies . And the film's is also the big step into a territory that can build its brand new story of excting cinema , unexplored territories , right here in Punjab . Gurdas Maan hmmmm . . . yes quite a sufi , smoky eyes , long 'poet' tresses. The eyes do break into little lines of age in close frames . . . but try thinking who else could have played the poet and answer never really comes . And yes, he performs with ease . Juhi Chawla - translucent skin , clear eyes , and an improved Punjabi diction - makes for delightful watching . The only problem they dont exactly string up a 'love story' we may come away hungering for . Divya Dutta lets out a few sparks in some frames . Does a fine job . Sushant Singh plays the insecure husband of ' Bhaagpari ' and yes his eyes deliver most of it . Manav Vij does a nice guest appearence as well . Manoj Punj delivers a colourful punch , with the way he plays with hues of fire , silhouttes against water at night and yes there's help with producer Manjeet Maan's costumes - leafy greens , inky blues , mustard yellows, bride pinks , smoky blacks . And yes the impressive set that was constructed at Rampur Kalan near Chandigarh is duly acknowleged . Jaidev Kumar's music strikes home - especially in Allah Hoo , Yeh Imitihane Ishq Hai , Khaas Shamma Ajj . . The pick of the album however would be ' Couplets Of Heer ' , with Maan being the voice of Waris , melody comes quite effortless . Since the film's more about a certain slice of Waris Shah's life than something more biographical , there's a danger of someone missing the ' punch ' a certain level of climax delivers. Actually one'd want to know what happened to Waris after Heer . But that aside there's something in every frame out there that leaps out and tugs at the soul . Must be in our blood somewhere . . . power of the past . And yes , a promising new story of Punjabi Cinema . Kudos to the team of Waris Shah for this remarkable venture . Another National Award . . . oh yes why not !
05 Oct 2006 22:23
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