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Waris Shah..again.
So good to read all the reviews from the usuals...well done..
Now its my turn..I know...borrrring..but im gonna go do it anyway?!lol..

I saw it on its opening night here in Birmingham, at the major cineplex....and, unfortunatley,down to some poor marketing and publicity, the huge theatre was was roughly 10 rows full only!That really disappointed me...however, I hope this was down to it purely being a late showing,since WS has only three showings!Thats all?!.....Anyway, that doesnt reflect the film at all...
On the whole,WS is a beautiful film, BUT it is not flawless nor perfect. I thought DesHoyaPrds was more effective but I wouldnt go watch it again (too tough to take),yet WS is one that I definitely WILL watch again!Strange..
I read someones post saying that it will not appeal to all...definitely not..and I wont just say its going to appeal to the elders only because it's about knowing before hand what WS is about and what the couplets actually reflect. You can't go in watching it expecting to know it all about WS after the end, but you need a WS 'education' before hand to really appreciate it, otherwise I think you will get bored (and thats not fair to the film).
Basically in front of me there were 'elder ladies' who fell asleep,because they were bored!So it's not about being old or young but about appreciating the film and having a certain pre-knowledge about the 'flavour' of WS. You cant watch DAP a week before and come here expecting the same....it's a totally different ball-game!
02 Oct 2006 12:20
First of all, I believe that WS was a personal film for Sai Productions and in thier quest to making a film on WS, tehy sometimes forgot about the audience.the initial half was packed with songs (which I DIDNT MIND)and it made some members of the 'ignorant' audience rather edgy.So the story never carried on free-flowingly in the conventional story-telling sense.Anyway,enough trying to talk smart. The film went from being a 'unique' film in the beginning, to an absolutely beautiful one to the finish.
There are certain moments in the film that I won't forget. Baba Makhdoom's sentence (KATRA SONG) set a tear in your eye, and it reminded you of Bhagat Singh-ish.When WS first met Bahagbaari (first couplet)..that put a lump in your throat.There was something about that moment.WS was made to be like a true poet. The delivery of the dialogues was indeed unique.The moment Makhdoom came back to WS in his sleep, that was very touching,religiously.
And finally, the subtle way that Saabo's life reflected her brothers in the end (she couldn't have Waris,and her brother couldn't have Baghbari). This was very clever, how the lives interwined. Divyas life reflected her bro's as Waris had told her in his own unique way,roughly:You reap what you sow....That was fantastic.
The songs were relevant and brilliant. the set was lavish. And the way Waris had an affect on the yongsters of the village, when we see them singing thier own couplets was absolutely brilliant!
However, I really did think that Waris could have been a bit more 'saintly', and deep.GM's the best Punjabi protagonist we ahve, but I mean, maybe there wasn;t that siantly humility or something.Or maybe, I just don't know Waris! And the ending was very disappointing...they left it when Waris hardly left the village. I know he never done much more, but they probably should ahve ended it on Om Puri's voicover,explaining how WS affected generations after, or even images of WS roaming around,adn the subtly bring on the closing credits,but it just came an instance.
All in all though, will Waris make its money back?I REALL HOPE IM WRONG, I DO. BUt I'm not sure if it will do teh DesHoya Pardes business.Simply because its not everyones cup of cha. But that does not make it bad film.Waris Shah,is now on the map,and I believe it deserves all its rewards.I've never seen a Punjabi film like it...ever!
02 Oct 2006 12:36
well said
well said anon, im a little conerned that WS may not make its money back, but i definitly will be visiting the theatre again. As far as the waris shah couplets go, I must admit I really enjoyed them. I loved the fact that in some some scenes instead of including 5 min worth of dialiogue, simply one waris shah couplet summed the entire scene up nicely. Unfortunatly anon as u pointed out this cannot be appriciated by all. And ur bang on about the ending, I think to a certain extent it was worse seeing GM leave Malkahans than it was seeing him die in Des Hoyaa Pardes. 02 Oct 2006 18:03
lol...thats funny,but true...I appreciated Gurshan(in DHP was his name right??) die than see Waris leave leave....just a little error really,,,but will definitely be seeing it again...i think it takes a second viewing to appreciate it...
lets just hope it gets its rewards and its money back..!
03 Oct 2006 13:10
Help me Watch
Hey ppl, thanks for your reviews.. and thoughts.... I still didnt have a chance to see the movie... when the movie released... i had to leave for university... ..currently in warwick .. Anon.. could you maybe help /advise ..could we meet some time.. to watch the movie. . .. I know for now how to go to coventry city..etc and pool meadow.. if we both could meet up and watch the movie in birmingham.. that would be great...! 04 Oct 2006 18:16
Anon (1)
Hi Gurmi...nice to read your comments...

I think it would be great to go and watch it since you're local (or at least I'm guessing you are). I do not really know Cov that well since I'm from Birmingham...

But unforunately the thing is I will be away from B'hm for the next fortnight!And a coule weeks after that I'm going on holiday!So it's going to be tough,,,,Hopefully the showings will still be on so we can squeeze it in.........
you don't have to but feel free to put your email adress on here, or on Amadeeps yahoo site...to stay in touch..I went to Wolves uni though,but I'm sure you can look beyond that..lol.....
05 Oct 2006 13:03
Hey Anon
Heyy Anon.. thanks for your quick reply... feels nice someone being concerned .. anyway u seem busy....bad luck for me... but here is my email address hope we can meet sometime.. but please dont put stress on ya mind.. wheneva u have time.. .. i might even go myself....just thought.. it would be nice..... changa dosta..thanks again ..really..appreciate it 05 Oct 2006 19:12
Punjab Di Shaan - Gurdas Maan ... 08 Oct 2006 20:53
there is a special article on waris shah in http://www.ajitjalandhar.com/20061009/
magazine section
09 Oct 2006 04:41
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