heer : hi guri bhaji. i like ur songs
heer : message
sachin : most of singers sings just because of thier profession but he "for satisfaction" not for profession i think?? thier is 1 kishorda born in bollywood and in punjabi industrey their is only gurdas mann
bitly : i love u
shiv : yug yug jiva mar jana maan; i love you and your thinking
pali gill : hi gurdas mann bhaji
rajinder. : message
rajinder : gurdas maan is d best singer..he is a legant of punjabi singer..his a master blaster..no one can compete him..becoz he is d best ...love u ..gurdasmaan.. hpe to see u soon in philiipines again...
sunny kapoor : gurdas mann ji nice singer
balpreet : great but my personal fav is ishq di mari. you are a great singer and a living legend.
balpreet : as you write your own songs, so you are letting us know your own feelings and thoughts, not one of a song writer. you songs are great for punjabi's all across the world. every song off vilaytan is....
balpreet : gurdas mann ji, you are a true singer unlike some of these newer singer who incorperate other junk in their music such as gangs, money etc. you have evolved our music. you are one of the few actual...
vbzv : message
mana : jst don't have words...one of the great living legend i admire, and a man who kept punjabi boli and tradition live throughout india as well oveseas...keep it up!
paro : mann u r the best ! i will love you forever.
vicraj singh : maan is a tru talent and no one will ever tak ova him and thats real [email protected]
nameg.murtaza : messagepls yr contact n r mobil n send me thnks
dapinder singh : i luv gurdas maan as he is one of the best singers in punjabi music and also helping in making the punjbai culture to live not only in punjab but in the rest of the world too.
namenawanshahr : messagebabeyio vilaytin album wich song bekadran naal pyaar na kario bahut pasand ayia us di video kuin ni banayi...tere naal ruswaa hai..
harprit kaur : i think god gave him suck a talent hu no1 has, he's kipin' d punjabi culture alive. dats gud. we r proud of u gurdas maan.
harprit kaur : wen i hear gurdas maan's songs, pind diya galiya... w/c is full of emotions, en i living away fr my punjab want to go back der.en dis songs makes me cry. rili.
harprit kaur : gurdas maan is always my best singer coz, he's songs r nice touching, reminds me of my childhood days en always hav reality on it!(in his songs, lyrics which touches d persons heart.
jeevan : gurdas maan remindes me of my childhood and it's really touching. it seems that most of his songs send a message to people.
harpreet saharan : ssa,i started listening to punjabi music from gurdas mann, got into many other generes and singers through these years, now that i am a gabru, i still admire those late 80's gurdas mann's sound.
chinu bhalla : i love all your songs very much,they are very fresh and always soothing.
mohit bhalla : plz make this web site more attractive gurdas maan ji
a.s. kang : [email protected]
a.s. kang : new movie: when are u releasing new panjabi movie !? des hoya pardes was excellent.
gurmukh : gurdas maan ji you r my "god"
gurpreet singh : gurdas ji thusi mainu apne wallpapers jaroor send karnagurpreetchauhan22@yahoo.com
gurpreet chauhan : gurdas maan punjabi nu ek kudrat de den hai jo punjabia nu apna virsa sabalan de gal dasda hai. gurdas ji thusi jio hajaro sal te apne punjabi vera nu change raste dikhande raho
manish sharma : hi gurdas ji whts nxt good album
pavitar singh : mr gurdas mann i fink is the greatest singer to date, his lyrics are very meaningful and down to heart, i have never heard such lyrics full of emotions, thank you mr mann f
kuldeep : plz. send your wallpeper gurdas beje [email protected] thank you
kuldeep : plz. send your wallpeper gurdas beje [email protected] thank you
neha : punjabi virast da rakhwala hai gurdas maan
neha : gurdas maan is best
bagga : ssa ji , please tell me where to get that song pyare bapu ji, rajai ch seko haddiyaan... thanks
farid a. idris : gurdas mann: i salute you for keeping the panjabi and punjabeat alive. keep it up. we punjabi's are forgetting our culture and ourselves.
pankaj : u r nicest soul on this earth and i think amitabh is not better than u because u r very down to earth
bawa3k : mann saab tusi rab ho, main tuhade bahut saare show dekhe ne tuhade geet ultimate ne [email protected]l.com
kulwinder : zaad ker ik war tanu show to bad wich fallow kita c surrey wich tere mager gere kedde c phir tere nall photo ve khichvi c j veer ji zaad aaia te menu e mail kerna dhanwadi hova ga [email protected]
rai : gurdas maan; you are the greatest singer of all time; may god hold you & your family in the palm of his hand, always. mad love & respect.
rajat : i love your music
jaspreet : maan saab , sach tuhade geet sun ke ek sukoon jeha a janda hai , tusi aaj vi punjabi virse nu kam rakhya hai te saada poori wishes tuhade naal hai,keep goin
bhawesh anand : sat shree akal paa ji,
ranvir : gurdas ji tusi ooh cheez ho ki geetan wich jaan pa dinde ho
sonu : gurdas ji tuhada koi jawab nahin,tusi punjab di shaan ho
satender : hello
namejagdeep : messagenew album is the best
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