j a g a i t 13 : what can i possibly...in my eyes this man rite here is the greatetst indian singer of all times...i got so much respect and luv. canada luvs youuu!!!!!
manjit : guradas mann ji tusi bahut e great man jo. can yu mail me at [email protected]om pplzplzplzplzplzplpzlpzlpzlpzlpzlpzlpzlpzlpzlzplzplzplzpzlzplzpzlpzlzplz
muni : mr.gurdas ji you were the best entertainer thanks for coming to the uk wembly it was phonom****
randhir singh : please give me your number i live in ireland and want to talk to you just once can you do that for me
sunny : maan saab usi gr8 bande ho
roman bains : you are undoubtley the best punjabi singer/entertainer ever...please keep it up you are punjbabi's representor to the whole world.
mandy : thusi 26 january rurke ounde ya hana thusi sharda uncle nu jaande ya thwanu patha iqbal me ode daughter ya!!!! mera email adress [email protected]com i love your songs!!!! i want 2 call u chacha!
aman : maan ncle ki haal hai please call me at 09855100528
rajwinder kaur
randhawa :
fourth (again) gurdas maan uncle ji plz ke tusi menu e-mai kar sakda ho if yh my e-mail is [email protected] plz plz plz plz e mail me gurdas mann uncle ji thanx bye bye
rajwinder kaur
randhawa :
from germany apki mehak in hawaon mein hai, kuch apnapan sa bikhra in fizaon mein hai, khushiyan chume apke kadamhamesha, yehi sapna in nigaho me hai ....
rajwinder kaur
randhawa :
muskaan tere hoton se kahin jaye na, ansoo teri palkon pe kabhi aye na, poora ho tere har khoob aur jo poora na ho vo khaab khabhi aye na...
rajwinder kaur
randawa :
satsariakal gurdas maan uncle my all familie hearing u songs the songs and you are the best now im write two poets for u muskaan tere hoton se kahin jaye na, ansoo teri palkon pe kabhi aye na ,
chintu : hi to all
dharminder singh
pattwal :
sus siri akal i songs hav a lot of meaning i relly want to come to ur concert i am very fond of u and ur songs are a1
honey : hi
iqbal : hi
honey : ki kehne tusi tan guru hoo
honey : ki kehne tusi tan guru hoo
kamal : chuk do phattey maan uncle!!!!
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parveen : maanji im srry my movies are from:mamla gadbad hai-des hoya pardes. with kind regards, parveen
parveen sura
singh(again) :
maan saab zindabaad. maanji me, my dad, and my binder mamajji are your number 1 fans you are simply the best. i have every cd of your. and moviez form mamla garbar hai to zindagai khoobsurat hai.bye
parveen sura singh : maanji you are undoubtedly the best. i am your number 1 fan!!!!! please email me at: [email protected]ail.com
preeti : ssra maan ji, i just wanted to say that you are one of the most respectable singers i know. not only do you try to preserve culture, you also try to incorporate young/old life (now) into your lyrics.
sukhwinder : my life and love mara brother gurdas maan
mani : maan ji email karo mainu [email protected]
mani : main uhna nu likhna chaoonda haan
mani : koi mainu gurdaas maan da pata das deya
ashwani : rab kare tusi lakh saal jiyo ate punjabiat da maan vadao!
dhesi : panjab de sahan gurdas maan
dhesi : hi
satty : chack de phatte maan saab!
dilpreet : sat shri akal, rab tuhano haur kamyabiya bakshe.
bhushan panchhi : maan sahib tusi jabab bi deya kro assi bahot umida rkhde han . apni ek foto menu mail kro. mera email hai .. [email protected] mai bhi ek writer hai mai tuhade to prerit ho ke likhna sikhe
bhushan panchhi : your writing is great
harpreet : 22 g idda ee chardi kala vich raho,rabh rakha
wijdan : gurdas maan ji, mail me here [email protected] & cell number is 0092-321-2746141 lahore - pakistan thanks & regards wijdan
wijdan : gurdas maan ji contact with me to make high rank of your web page so many more people who dont know about your website can visit your web page & plz add songs download option in your site also. thanks
sukhraj : live long gurdas maan ji
fan #1 : gurdas maan zindabad
monny : i lov u
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