gurpreet : sajna ve sajna
gurpreet : boot polisha album is the best album in word
gurpreet : maan punjaab da aap ho
prabhjot,chd : i regret to inform u that suraj sanim maan sahib's writer has passed away , i wana say thank u 4 everything
prabhjot,chd : i'm just so happy that i had to watch him in kharar ,it was a great show and really lived up to the reputation of gurdas maan , the man himself, i wana see him more he is perfect
l. chahal : rab rakha.
l. chahal : appearing in the punjabi newspaper soon. so look out for it. just for your heads up. have a blessed day.
l. chahal : him realizes that this is messing up the gurdwara's and for what they stand for-even yet! for what gurdas mann stands for. there are protests going on regarding this issue. i hear this will also be ap
l. chahal : for what they stand for. therefore, i believe that gurdas mann should or his event organziers should hear about this issue. it is a big issue. i hope someone who ever sets up the dates and places for
l. chahal : did u know that if gurdas mann shows up in bakersfield for the visakhi mela here in april that the benefits or profits from that concert are not going towards the gurdwaras in bakersfield but against!
garry : message
davinder sohal : your site is fantastic and visitor friendly any one who want to approach u! can with this
jat boy : boot polishan is great
muskan : ssa sir
muskan : ssa ji sir
sukhbir : give any contact no sir,ya pher koi email address dasso ji mein tuhade naal gal karna chahta hoon
sukhbir : i want to meet u sir where r u i m your big fan i always listen your song,
sukhbir : sir is a diamond of our country
navdeep : pariee matha tekdan han sir.thonu dekhke sunke bas eko ehsas dil wich aaunda hi ki rabb duja roop le ke aa gya hi dharti te
noname : chakde phate!!!!!!!!!