One quality that Gurdas Maan abundantly possesses is musical longevity. Having entralled audiences since the early 80's the Punjabi singer comes up with surprises even today. Back in the late seventies he pioneered the pop bhangra craze along with Malkiat Singh. Today almost two decades after he burst on the scene, Gurdas Maan has crowds swaying to his earthy style of singing and his vibrant presence on television."I believe in my music, and my culture is based on my music. Though I use modern Instruments, all my melodies have roots in rural Punjab" says Maan.

Starting off in 1979 doing programs for Doordarshan, Maan hit big time with Dil Da Mamla Hai and since then he has never looked back. Hits like Mamla Gadbad Hai, Chakkar and Vah Ni Jawaniya have enthralled listeners.
Gurdasmaan has had the exposure of working with some of the best music directors in the country and his talent is given due respect by them too. To name a few, he's worked with the likes of Khaiyyam, Nadeem Shravan, Laxmikant Pyarelal, Charanjeet Ahuja, Jasvant Bhanvra, etc.
And if that's not credit enough, he's been a very versatile singer too, for he has sung songs in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Haryanvi and Rajasthani as well.
Melody all the way with Gurdas Mann...
Peer There Jaan Di
Dil Saaf Hona Chahida
Kudiyaan Ne Jado Sikh Li
Dil Da Mamla Hai
Raat Suhani
Chaklo Chaklo
Mohabbat Zindabad
Aakarh Aa Hi Jaandi-E
Teri Khair Hove
Yaar Mera Pyar
Than Than Gopal
Ishq Na Dekhe Jaat
Dil Hona Chahida Jawa
Ishq Da Gidda
Ghar Bhulgi Morh Te Aake
Wah Ni Gentelemaniye
His Devotional Songs
Gal Paa Ke Maiyya Diyan Chunniyan
Kirpa Daati Di
Tun Daati Asin Mangate Tere

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