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The movie is based on a true story. Depicting a real life incident that occurred in 1947. It's a love story that tells a tale of many during the times of partition, and when watched, it rakes out innumerable emotions in a person. The film originally made in Punjabi has been dubbed in Hindi as well, so it can reach out to a wider audience. And it's a big-budgeted movie, but like Gurdas Maan puts it so aptly: "Its an art film with a commercial finish". Its about a man by name of Boota, who has a Muslim wife, which was played by Divya Dutta. Due to the unruly government laws of those times, she gets deported to Pakistan and has no choice but to leave her infant daughter and her husband back in India. But determined to get his wife back, he goes on to Pakistan, and under circumstances forced upon her, she denies him completely. After a struggle, that seems like a lifetime, he inevitably fails to secure her return home. This causes him to breakdown and commit suicide. It's a dramatically pictured film and everybody has given a fabulous performance. The tomb of Boota Singh still stands in Lahore and the locals there visit the tomb on Ursa in his honor every year. The movie was also selected for screening in the film festival that was held in Calcutta and goes on to be recommended to for the 30th international film festival being held in Hyderabad.

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