Initially he decided to plunge into the movie scene through the Punjabi film circuit. And although, he was an established singer, acting wasn't all that new to him since he had done some stage plays. Though he was appreciated for his roles, he somehow always ended up playing light roles similar to that of his real life. That led him away from experimenting and caused him to pay less and less attention to movies and more to singing.

Nevertheless, some of the movies he worked in are Mamla Gadbad Hai, Long Da Lashkara, Ki Banu Duniya Da, Chora Haryana Da, Qurbani Jatt Di, Ucha Dar Babbe Nanak Da, Pratigya, Kachehri, Dushmani Di Agg, Baghaavat, Gabroo Punjab Da.Then he finally hit it really big. He got the challenge of playing a role in a movie that went on to be a blockbuster. The name of that movie is Shaheed-E-Mohabbat.This being a film where in his acting talents came to the forefront. The movie is based on a true story and is directed by Manoj Punj. And he quotes "I am glad to have done this film, for it has brought the best in me". One would think so, with his powerful performance coming across as very convincing on screen. Though the film is in Punjabi, it has been dubbed in Hindi to reach a wider audience.
It is an expensive project costing Rs. 80 lakhs and Maan believes that this is an art film with a commercial finish. He is happy to have had undertaken this project. He found a promising ally in director Manoj Punj. "Despite this successful attempt at acting, music remains my first love. This film is a contribution to the Punjabi language, which has made me what I am today." says Maan.

Performances by Gurdas Mann...
Mamla Gadbad Hai
Ki Banu Duniya Da
Qurbani Jatt Di
Wanted Dead Or Alive-Gurdas Mann
Long Da Lashkara
Chhora Haryana Da
Ucha Dar Babbe Nanak Da
Dushmani Di Agg
Gabroo Punjab Da

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