The film spans not just through the various shades of an emotional drama, but all the spicy sprinklings of Love, Hate, Comedy, Action and Tragedy.

The sparkle of Love at Mini Punjab is dimmed by the shadows of social evils, be it racial discrimination, hatred, revenge or jealousy. And the widge between the hearts of the people here seems to be only widening.

Prem ( Gurdas Maan ) encourages bonding and love between all the members of Mini Punjab.

The tantalizing and fresh storyline has the charisma that would make the audience have an edge on the seat thrill till the very end. And what's exceptional is that the movie has an extended 'watch again' value and the audience would love to watch the film over and over again. Music by Jaidev Kumar is so captivating that it can be enjoyed and liked equally by the masses and all classes of people.

It comes as a refreshing breather for the ordinary man and takes him away from his fears, anxieties and sorrows. And celebrates the essence of love and brotherhood.

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