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About Gurdas Maan -

Since he was writing his own lyrics, in one of his plays in his earlier days he was discovered by a TV producer from the Jalandhar TV Station for his song, that went by name of "DIL DA MAMLA HAI" The producer thought it worth a TV recording and approached him with the offer. And Gurdas Maan agreed to this, though not before being apprehensive about it at first .The song went on air on the 31st of December for the first time in 1980 and was instantly a hit!!! His kind of music created quite a stir, and people took an instant liking to him.

Naturally with all that success he was asked to record the song in his voice by HMV. After which there had to be no looking back, his first music album was released in 1983. Just for the record till date, Gurdas Maan has done 29 albums and written over 232 Songs. During the time that he became such a rage, people in the music industry were still doing the duet pattern and so he got many offers to sing duet song. And he had started solo therefore had no intentions of changing that, besides he had the confidence to carry out his presence on stage as well as in the music world . The 90's has been the era of performers and while most singers prefer all kinds of props during their performance, here's one singer who has stuck by his gut and continues to hold the audience's attention all by himself.