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India Today Article -

There's simple Punjabi food on the menu—stuffed capsicum, paneer, dal, matar pulao. rotis and boondi ka raita—the latter being Maan's favourite but also his undoing. "Raita affects my throat and activates the sinus," he says, before gorging on gajar ka halwa. "I'm trying to keep my weight under control because I'm getting older," says Maan, who regularly works out at the gym at JW Marriott Hotel. But Manjeet interrupts with some good-natured ribbing— "It's only because he has to feature in films that he's so bothered about remaining slim."

Maan and Manjeet both strongly believe that they are where they are because of the Punjabi language. "It has given me food, shelter, name and fame," says the singer emotionally. In Canada, Manjeet tells us, there is a museum dedicated to film costumes and among the Western outfits stands Maan's typical Punjabi outfit, the chaadra, the dress he performs in. But at home, he prefers the comfort of a trouser and shirt and walking shoes.

Maan and Manjeet's 25-year-long association (they met in college and she married him at 18) has meant that she vocalises his every need even before be has mentioned it. Maan has no idea when his album is due for release or which country he tours next; Manjeet is completely in control of all that. Which leaves him to just concentrate on his art, without disturbance or distraction. "She is the manka in the mala which keeps this whole thing together," he says the ever-philosophical Maan.

The singer is very religious and has a guru based in Nakodar. He says life has come this far only because of his guidance and blessings. But then, Mann is quick to hand out credit to everyone, not once does he mention his own struggle or the hard work it took to achieve the stature he enjoys today. This humility only makes the Punjabi icon stand taller. END

By Geetika Sasan Bhandari and Nikita Singh


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