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VANCOUVER 2005 - Highlights of the show

More than 15000 people came to enjoy Gurdas Maans Show.No show has ever attracted so many people, even the biggest bollywood gathering could manage just about 10,000 people.In all the NRI's / Punjabis spend more than 15 lakh dollars with the ticket prices ranging from 65 to 400 dollars each.Even then more than 1000 people were land stranded without a ticket.

Gurdas Maan received tremendous and unconditional love from his fans which made him to mesmerise the crowd for 4 hours.He started with a prayer with his army of Musicians .His songs ranged from Heer to challa.For the young there was Hai Mera Dil and for the others a nostalgic trip to the days of Saibhan Waja Mardi.Maximum applause received for the song Luckh Pardesi Hoyee a apna Desh ni Pandite.

Luminaries present were - Canadian Health Minister -Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh , Radio Indias - Mr. Gill , Radio shere punjab - Mr. Ajit Singh , Singers - Gill Hardeep , Gursevak Maan , Liberal Forward - Sukh Dhaliwal , Congressman - Rick Takhar and other renowned Punjabis from USA and Canada. Sai Entertainment and Cool Boys were the promoters of the show.These media companies are managed by Mr. Nirmal Dhaliwal,Mr Dev Sandhu and Harry Purewal.A conglomerate of NRIs felicitated Gurdas Maan and Manjeet Maan for giving Punjabi culture the required push and respect in the form of a movie “ Des Hoyaa Pardes ’’ .Others to be honoured were Mr. Kashmir Gill co-producer and Mr. Manoj Punj the Director.


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