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Dipps Bhamrah 13 Apr 07, 11:27 AM [ ]

I have a question for you….how many artists do you know that appeal to a 6 year child, their 30 plus parents and their 70 plus granparents? How many artists can you think of, that would pay to watch another artist perform? Which artist has the respect to bring together different castes, communities and religions with the power of their music? Does anyone have the amazing ability to have that pull? Well within the world of Punjabi music there is one man who stands alone who can answer these questions….that man is the living legend, Gurdas Maan!
For many people Gurdas Maan is the be all and end all of music. He is the leader of Punjabi music, culture and pride. A singer, song writer, composer, actor, he is the equivalent to Elvis Presley. His song, style, profile, mere presses, has an overwhelming effect on those who are fortunate to see him perfor or in person. In my personal opinion, the transition from artist to legend is cemented when the performer doesn’t even need to sing but can give his audience that look and still have them chanting his name. That’s Gurdas Maan!

Gurdas Maan has been the undisputed king of Punjabi music since making his debut back in 1980. His performance of ‘Dil