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Sai Productions inhouse production "Waris Shah - Ishq Daa Waaris" has bagged four awards at the National Awards 2006.


waris shah - wins 4 awards

After his sell out 2007 UK tour where over 30,000 fans came to see him, the living legend as he is so widely known, Gurdas Maan is set to rock the UK once again with his latest blockbuster album scheduled to release in January 2008. The album titled Boot Polishan concentrates on real life issues with which all can relate, something which Gurdas Maan has a specialty for and something which is surely missing from the Punjabi music industry.

With a library of great hits under his belt, Gurdas Maan is recognised as one of the greatest Punjabi singers of all time. His input has been phenomenal since the day of his establishment nearly 30 years ago and even to date, he has kept his consistency and quality to a standard that only he can raise. His new album comes with an 18 page full colour inlay containing English translations for each song and even though Gurdas Maans listnership ranges from the young to the old, this translation will prove essential for many second and third generation UK Punjabis to understand the content of Gurdas Maans meaningful songs.

Boot Polishan contains eight mind blowing tracks:

  • Boot Polishan
  • Challie
  • Cycle
  • Dillan De Jaani (Tribute to our beloved Manoj Punj)
  • Taare Gawah Ne
  • Sakhiye Saheliye
  • Mappe
  • Bhagat Singh

The album contains several hit tracks that will be added to the long list of Gurdas Maans classics. Challie, is an off shoot to the master piece Challa and Sakhiye Saheliyen is a beautiful love song, that falls into the league of classic love songs such as Peer Tere Jaandi. Also included is a powerful patriotic track titled Bhagat Singh and Dillan De Jaani dedicated to the late Manoj Punj. Boot Polishan again a meaningful hard hitting track which again qualifies as an all time classic. Music videos to 4 tracks will also be broadcast on all major Asian tv stations within the coming days and again, Gurdas Maan proves, that theres no need for fancy models in order to enhance music. It should be all in the lyrics.

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